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WeAir believes in a better tomorrow.

Our mission is to protect you, while also protecting our precious planet.

For every pack of masks sold, WeAir will plant one tree and provide a free mask to the frontline workers who need it most.

Working with Quantaloop, we’re helping the planet regenerate. Track our tree planting commitment with Qude™!



The WeAir™ Respirator

Advanced KN95/N95 Anti-Pollution Mask 

WeAir Mask’s™ filtration system incorporates the latest in filtration technology with particulate filtering layers and military grade carbon, meets KN95/N95 standard of particulate filtration, providing nearly 100% protection from particulate pollution such as PM2.5 and PM0.3.

Antimicrobial Protection

Our outer layers are designed with NanoAir Fabric, infused with nanosilver adding a layer of antimicrobial protection. 

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We believe people come first in the world, our masks give back directly to care workers that need better protection to help human lives. 


We are giving back to our planet, For every mask, we plant a tree. Helping the ecosystem flourish, so we have a world to breathe clean air. 


Designing with purpose and innovating products for good is our core value. Promoting a healthy planet where we can all use and connect together. 

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Track it with Qude™

Working with Quantaloop for planet regeneration.


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