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We Air Medical Supply

We Air medical wholesale & supply is a Health Canada authorized medical device supplier and distributor. MDEL 14245

Providing quality testing solutions
Covid-19 Rapid Test Kits Now Available

Certified, Tested, Licensed
Providing the best and safest protection.

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COVID-19 test and laboratory sample of blood testing for diagnosis new Corona virus infection(novel corona virus disease 2019) from Wuhan, China. Pandemic infectious concept

We Air PPE

Premium 3-Ply, 4-ply,  Multi-layered Protective Face Masks

Protection for all your personal and business needs 

Bangkok City, Thailand : 03/12/2020 : Unidentified people, Crowd of Thai wearing face mask for health due to Coronavirus Disease or covid-19 and air pollution in mass transit in public. Rush hour.

We Air Testing

Onsite Covid-19 Rapid Testing

FDA EUA Cleared Testing (USA travel only)

Same day NAAT testing
Coming Soon
Doctor Taking Covid Swab Test

Specializing in providing high-quality medical devices, supplies, instruments, non-medical personal protective equipment (PPE). 

Meeting the complex health needs of business across Canada; with a focus on ECO friendly solutions, we take a “Green” approach in PPE manufacturing and procurement. 

We Air Medical is a Canadian company located in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Net Zero Carbon Footprint

with Qude™

WeAir believes in a better tomorrow

Working with QudeX for planet regeneration and lowering our carbon footprint

Our mission is to protect you, while also protecting our precious planet.

Working with Quantaloop, we’re helping the planet regenerate. Track our tree planting commitment with Qude™!