KN95 Respirator Masks Now available

KN95 Respirator Masks

KN95 standard of particulate filtration, providing nearly 100% protection from particulate pollution such as PM2.5 and PM0.3.



Why Choose KN95

KN95 masks adhere closely with the Asian Standard rating system so you can be rest assured that KN95 masks are equivalent to P2.5 filtration and filter out 95% of particulate matter. That may be in your environment

95% filtration, breathable, Light weight comfortable, compact, easy to wear and comes in individual packaging with 2pc in it.

This KN95 Face Mask fits amazingly well on your face.

– Protection Ratio over 95% (KN95)
– 100% Original & Authentic
– Disposable Filter Masks
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Masks for Humanity

For every pack of masks sold, we plant a tree and donate a mask!

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