Business and Commercial Solutions 

Business meeting during quarantine

Full  PPE Solutions for Your Business

We offer a variety of safety and personal protective equipment for business and commercial use. 

KN95, N95, 3ply masks, sanitizer, IR temperature readers

Mask bio-waste disposal bins and pick-up service.

Custom Branding


Masks for Humanity

Our mission is to protect you, while also protecting our precious planet.


Custom Mask Disposal Solutions

Safe and convenient way to dispose of personal protective equipment, such as KN95, N95, 3ply masks. 

Internal UV light to kill bacteria and viruses.  

We Air Vending1

WeAir Mask Vending Machines

Safe and convenient way to distribute personal protective equipment, such as KN95, N95, 3ply masks, sanitizer and other PPE. 

1. All-steel Thickened Fuselage
2. 22 inches screen
3. Glass defogging system
4. LED lighting
5. Integral Foaming Refrigeration
6. Imported Compressor
7. Photoelectric Dispensing Detection